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Air Arms S200 / Chiappa FAS-611 Magazine System (Version 2)

Air Arms S200 / Chiappa FAS-611 Magazine System (Version 2)

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High quality 3D printed Magazine System for the Air Arms S200 and Chiappa FAS-611 airguns.


"DM3D Designs have created this self indexing magazine system that puts the factory multishot conversion to shame. These magazines are high quality 3D printed with extremely durable resin printed internal rotors, an excellent combination that gives the users a quality item for smooth cycling, which improves consistency and accuracy over the standard unit to make the S200 and even more versatile air rifle."

*IMPORTANT* - All Magazine Systems supplied from 25/01/2024 will be the updated Version 2 with improved rotor, easier loading and a new mount . As the V2 magazines are 2.3mm taller, Version 1 and Version 2 are not compatible. Please bear this in mind if you have previously ordered and are ordering additional magazines. Contact me prior to ordering if you are unsure which version you have or require a V1 magazine.

New Version 2 magazine system features:

      -       Larger rotor for improved strength and durability

      -       New case with easier loading

      -        Improvements to case and rotor to minimise probe o-ring wear

      -        New mount that is 2.3mm taller for the V2 magazine

*Please note: A small notch will need to be filed or cut away from the stock on the right side when fitting to S200 MK1 And MK2 models. Please see pictures.

*Magazines are compatible with both the S200 and FAS-611. When ordering a complete magazine and mount set for the FAS, please select the FAS-611 specific option as the mounting block is slightly different.

All magazines have a tough and durable resin based internal rotor. These rotors have great detail and are extremely tough and hard wearing.

The magazine is a perfect fit, cycling pellets with a super smooth action. Pellets are loaded nose first from the front of the magazine. The magazine is held in place by strong magnets, one in the magazine mount and one in the back of the magazine.

The magazine has slots in the face so you can see the number of shots remaining as well as a final shot indicator. The bolt is blocked when empty, so you know to reload.

Installing the Magazine System

  1. Slide the magazine mount onto the front dovetail block with the overhang and magnet facing the rear.
  2. Pull back the bolt and Insert the magazine from the right hand side.
  3. Gently slide the magazine mount up to the back of the magazine and clamp in place by tightening the M3 screw with a 2.5mm hex driver or allen key.

Loading the magazine

  1. Remove the magazine and rotate the internal rotor anti-clockwise to the 1st hole and drop a pellet in, nose first. Make sure to seat the pellet fully in the hole.
  2. Rotate the magazine anti-clockwise to the 2nd hole and drop another pellet in. Keep going until the magazine has all pellets loaded.
  3. Insert the magazine from the right hand side and it will be held in place by the strong magnets.
  4. Push forward the bolt to load a pellet.
  5. Every time the bolt is pulled back the magazine will index round to the next pellet.
  6. The final shot indicator will show when you are about to load the final pellet so you know it is your last shot.
  7. The bolt will be blocked when the magazine is empty so you know to reload.

Every magazine is tested prior to shipping. Orders will normally ship the next working day, on rare occasions it could be up to 3 working days depending on stock levels.

Due to the materials used in the 3D printing process, do not leave the magazines in direct sunlight or extreme hot temperatures such as conservatories or the dashboard of a car for long periods of time or warping may occur.


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