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Air Arms S200 Single Shot Loader

Air Arms S200 Single Shot Loader

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High quality 3D printed Single Shot Loader for the Air Arms S200 airgun.

Available in .177 and .22

Please select your preferred calibre from the drop down menu.

The single shot loaders fit perfectly into the Air Arms S200 and installation requires no modification to the stock of any version of S200 from Mk1 to Mk3. They are held in place by a strong magnet in the rear of the loader. The single shot loader can be removed in seconds, so you can switch easily between using the single shot loader or a multishot magazine(also available).

To ensure the highest level of accuracy and prevent any skirt damage, an internal o-ring is used in the pellet chamber. The soft o-ring prevents pellets from falling straight through the pellet chamber whilst allowing the pellet probe to guide the pellet into the breech, causing no damage at all.

Strong magnets ensure the loader closes with a satisfying 'snick' and holds the flip down loader firmly in place.

Ensure the S200 pellet probe o-ring is kept lubricated for the smoothest operation.

Installing the Single Shot Loader

  1. Pull back the bolt fully and hold it back, then insert the loader from the top.
  2. Ensure the loader is pushed all the way down.
  3. Release the bolt and you are good to go.

Every single shot loader is tested prior to shipping. Orders will normally ship the next working day, on rare occasions it could be up to 3 working days depending on stock levels.

Due to the materials used in the 3D printing process, do not leave the magazines in direct sunlight or extreme hot temperatures such as conservatories or the dashboard of a car for long periods of time or warping may occur.

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