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BSA Standard No2 Scope Mount

BSA Standard No2 Scope Mount

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High quality 3D printed scope mount for the classic BSA Standard No2 air rifle.

Please note, this mount will only fit the Standard No2. Other rifles such as the Pattern Light may have similar dimensions, but have a different length cocking slot. I now have a version available for the Standard No1.

This scope mount is made from PETG, a very strong and durable plastic. It has an 11m dovetail rail that is 120mm long and allows the fitment of a scope or other optics. 

Inspired by a design by Jeff Jongmans, the mount has sympathetic styling and is 100% removable as no permanent alteration to the air rifle is required. It is designed to clamp onto the 31.8mm main cylinder and is held securely in place using 2 x M3 bolts and captive nuts.

To install the scope mount, remove the trigger block and slide the mount over the main cylinder. Replace the trigger block and slide the scope mount all the way back until it butts up against the trigger block. Align the scope mount so the top rail is square to the barrel and tighten the 2 M3 bolts.


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