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3D Printed Flex Bumper for Xray X4

3D Printed Flex Bumper for Xray X4

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3D Printed Flex Bumper for Xray X4

The Flex Bumpers are made from a super tough and flexible TPU that is extremely strong and flexible with a glossy finish.

NOTE: Only the Flex Bumper is included, other parts only shown for reference.

Options available: Super Flex Bumper (12.5g), Low Profile Flex Bumper (15.5g) and Full Height Flex Bumper (19g), please select your required version from the options above before adding to your cart.

The Super Flex Bumper is made from the same, super tough, flexible TPU but has a Gyroid infill that further reduces the weight to just 12.5g! It is also extremely flexible and impact absorbing and is the same height as the Low Profile Bumper at 10mm.

The Low Profile Flex Bumper is useful if you need to keep weight down to a minimum whilst still offering maximum impact protection. It is 10mm high, so also fits better under some bodyshells with low front sections.

The Full Height Flex Bumper offers greater shock absorption than the original foam bumper thanks to the honeycomb infill pattern and returns to the original shape after an impact. It is the same height as the original foam bumper at 13mm.

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