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SMK Victory CP2/CR600/PP800/Diana Chaser Picatinny and Dovetail Scope Rails

SMK Victory CP2/CR600/PP800/Diana Chaser Picatinny and Dovetail Scope Rails

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High quality 3D printed Scope rails for the SMK Victory CP2. 

Also fits Artemis / SPA / SMK / Zasdar CP1Multi, SR900S, PP800, PR900, PR900W, CR600 & CR600W, CP2 Victory Air Pistol / Rifle, Airforce One Trophy Vermin Multi Shot Pistol, Diana Airbug / Bandit / Chaser / Stormrider / Trailscout, Stoeger XM1

Options Available: 70mm Picatinny Rail, 80mm Picatinny Rail, 90mm Picatinny Rail, Picatinny Barrel Block, 11mm Dovetail Barrel Block. Please select the rail type and quantity above before adding to your cart.

The Picatinny rails slide on over the existing 11mm Dovetail rail and secure with 2 screws. The included screws utilise the holes previously used for the open sight, M3 at the front and M4 at the rear. Once in place it is super secure and allows for quick and easy changes of your chosen optic, such as changing from scope to red dot.

The rails come in 3 lengths, 70mm, 80mm and 90mm. The 70mm is the same length as the original 11mm Dovetail rail, the 80mm and 90mm versions allow greater choice of scope and accessory mounting as they are slightly longer than the original.

The Picatinny Barrel Blocks are at the same height as the rails and allow for mounting longer scopes or red dot sights further down the barrel if used in pairs. The blocks can be mounted anywhere along the barrel by sliding them over the end of the barrel and clamping in place by tightening the M3 screw.

The 11mm Dovetail Barrel Blocks are the same as the Picatinny blocks but match the height of the original 11mm Dovetail rail.

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