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SMK Victory CP2/CR600/PP800/Diana Chaser Picatinny/Weaver Barrel Bands

SMK Victory CP2/CR600/PP800/Diana Chaser Picatinny/Weaver Barrel Bands

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High quality 3D printed 3 way Picatinny/Weaver barrel band mounts for the SMK Victory CP2. These allow you to connect a laser, flash light and bipod, all at the same time. Can be used in pistol mode and rifle mode. Also fits Artemis PR900 CR600 PP800 and Diana Chaser.

Note, the M3 screw only needs snugging up to create a strong clamping force, do not overtighten the screw.

The Laser Specific model has one raised rail so that laser is level with the barrel. This means the laser will always be at the correct elevation at any distance and only the windage will change.

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Due to the materials used in the 3D printing process, do not leave the magazines in direct sunlight or extreme hot temperatures such as conservatories or the dashboard of a car for long periods of time or warping may occur.

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